Project Reporting

Our Inventory Management system allows for quick and efficient reporting at any stage of your project.  With our Inventory Management system, you can easily track and analyze data to make informed decisions throughout your project.

Stock levels report

The benefit to a stock report is; these calculations can track critical levels, and establish replenishment alerts, as well. Critical levels disclose any estimated stockout dates for all your products, while replenishment alerts give a rundown of the type of inventory in need of restocking. All PTAG’s inventory reporting is compatible with Nuclear reporting. Furthermore, by utilizing stock reports, businesses can make informed decisions about inventory management, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings.

Inventory forecasting report

Inventory forecasting report is to calculate the inventory needed to fulfill future project requirements, based on how much product you previously used within a set time frame. These estimates encompass your historic data and known external forces to develop the most accurate predictions possible. By analyzing past product usage and considering external factors, the inventory forecasting report provides precise estimates for future inventory needs.

Purchase order reports

This report will manage the volume of incoming inventory and track the frequency of reordering of various assets. This will allow you to plan ahead on product purchasing and prevent overstocking. By utilizing this report, you can make informed decisions on when to reorder specific products based on their usage trends.