Our Services

In addition to our experienced supply chain team, we leverage a fully integrated software suite which incorporates the management of inventory, product planning, product data management, procurement, logistics integration and fulfillment. Our Inventory Management System offers a more effective forecasting and inventory planning process, allowing us to intelligently position materials to ensure continuity of supply.

Inventory Sourcing

Our experienced supply chain team will source items required for your project, utilizing just-in-case inventory.

Inventory Management

Inventory will be counted, inspected, identified, and logged into our system with real-time visibility. Our team will store the inventory according to job schedule for just-in-time shipping.

Shipping and Distribution

In addition to repackaging and kitting techniques, we work with the largest industry leaders in couriers to streamline operations and manage Inbound/outbound transit times and logistics while ensuring competitive pricing.

Order Management

Our flexible team will provide efficient and competitive order fulfillment and e-commerce distribution to your customers. Always ensuring lot Integrity and Inventory Management with end-to-end traceability.

Asset Recovery Project (ARP)

In addition to our fully customizable marketplace created in-house we utilize 12 sales platforms to ensure maximum return on your investment.

Inventory Reporting

Our inventory management system allows 24/7 visibility on inventory and provides constant reporting.