Asset Recovery Projects (ARP)

Asset Assessment and Evaluation: Our experienced sales team will review each asset to determine its salability and market value. Once the market value has been determined they will use their industry experience to determine the appropriate sales channel  The team's thorough evaluation process ensures that each asset is accurately assessed for its potential market value before being assigned to the most suitable sales channel.

Asset Staging: If you choose to store your assets at the PTAG warehouse as they make their way through our sales channels, we will: Inspect each item for salability and damage. They will be photographed and repackaged if required. Assets will be kitted for lot purchases. After the inspection process, your items will be carefully stored in our secure warehouse facility.

Marketplace Listing: In addition to PTAG’s fully customizable marketplace that was created in house, we will utilize 12 platforms to ensure maximum return on investment. The appropriate marketplace will be selected according to the asset commodity.